Codenteq Developer Team

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About Codenteq Team

As the Codenteq team, which was established in 2021, we are a team that contributes by developing open source projects in Turkey and around the world.

Our aim is to develop open source projects in Turkey and around the world and bring learning-oriented innovations. At the same time, by encouraging young Turkish software developers to these innovations, to give them the opportunity to learn. To provide an easy development environment for other software developers by creating a clean code architecture in our work.

We are able to develop web and mobile-based software, and we make sure that our projects are innovative and that our projects are open to development by other software developers.

As Turkish software developers, we are a team working on open source projects of the future.

Contribution to Open Web

Codenteq is OpenSource giant and continuously contributes to the open web with a blaze.
We wish you to join the commuinity to make this framework more stable.